The sun shined brightly across the field as sports teams were exercising. Yuuta and Akai were at the rooftop where the trio ate lunch.

"I actually didn’t expect you to intervene so quickly," Akai said as he leaned his back towards the fence.

"Don’t give me that bullshit," grumbled Yuuta. "Who do you think you are to her anyways?"

"I’m a good old friend of her’s. We’ve known each other since we were children. We’ve haven’t seen each other for more than five years, so we’ve been catching up with each other," asked Akai. "Who are you to her then?"

Yuuta stopped to think. He was her friend, yes, but was he just her friend? Yuuta tried to backtrack on the time he spent with Ranko throughout high school. “I guess…I’m only just a high school friend.

"I really just been fed up with how you’ve been acting around her, but I have been ignorant. I don’t want to lose Ranko as a friend, that’s all."

Akai chuckled a bit. “Man, I thought you were cooler than that,” he said. “Ranko will never let you go as a friend. After going through so much, I’m really sure of it.”

"What makes you so sure?" Yuuta looked at the dark-haired teen confusingly.

Akai got off the fence and stretched before speaking. “You really are ignorant to your surroundings, huh?” he asked.

"She used to like you."